The Clackamas River Community Cooperative Story


Clackamas River Village opened in the late 1980s and has grown up over the years into a 76-site, resident-owned manufactured home community. But that transition didn’t happen overnight. We began the move toward controlling our own destiny in 2012.

That’s when, with the help of CASA of Oregon and ROC USA®, we formed the Clackamas River Community Cooperative that would, on Oct. 26, 2012, purchase and take control of our community. Now, the Clackamas River Community Cooperative is not only a successful business, but also a thriving neighborhood.

The process of the cooperative buying the land beneath our homes brought this community closer together. Not only do we know far more of our neighbors than ever before, but we look out for one another, too. And with no outside landlord to report to, we’re the envy of other nearby manufactured home communities. Our Member households elect our Board of Directors, which works with a property management firm and also appoints various volunteer committees to help with special projects, celebrations, community improvements and more. The board submits a budget every year, and the entire Membership votes on it and any changes to the rent before the budget becomes official. Our rent has stabilized since becoming a ROC – in fact we were able to decrease our rent after our first year – something about which we’re not only happy, but also proud.

We’re running the multi-million dollar business that is our community on our terms, by our rules, for the betterment of ourselves and our neighbors. Clackamas River Community Cooperative couldn’t be better situated. Oregon City (the end of the Oregon Trail) is just a 10-minute drive. As is Clackamas Town Center, just off Highway 205, where you’ll find all kinds of shopping, restaurants and entertainment. Clackamas County is home to a community college and one of the finest public school systems in the state. There are also employment opportunities nearby – some within walking distance. School buses come right into our community and we’re three miles from the Metro, which is a 20-minute ride to downtown Portland.  

Since we voted to become a resident-owned community, we have worked hard to improve our community.

We’ve put up new signs, planted flowers, removed old & damaged trees, upgraded our overflow parking areas and made improvements to out RV storage area.

We also have various committees that work to improve our sense of community.

Ask anyone who lives in Clackamas River Community Co-op, and we’re sure they’ll tell you it’s a little slice of heaven.