Clackamas River

A resident-owned community

How much does it cost to live in Clackamas River Community?


Community Members decide whether to increase the rent and by how much.

  • Each Member household pays two charges. The first is the lot rent that is collected monthly to pay for operating expenses like taxes, insurance, trash collection and the ROC’s mortgage payments.
  • The second charge is the one-time Membership Fee. Once a member has paid the Membership Fee, he or she only pays lot rent. And, members get their Membership Fee back if they sell their homes.
  • The average lot rent is $660 per month plus water charges based on household  usage and trash collection.
  • The one-time membership fee is $100.
  • Before the homeowners bought Clackamas River Village, we had monthly rent increases of about $20 annually. We now have control over rent increases and in fact, after our first year, we were able to decrease the rent!
  • Clackamas River Community charges new members a non-refundable application fee starting at $35 for each adult in the household. Find out more about the application process here.